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If your a country boy, country girl, && love trucks; this blog is for you (:
michaelaadkins said: Your prom dress is so gorgeous! Where did you get it!?

I got it at a little store in the town I live in . But thank you so much !

dirt-road-diary said: Pennsylvania country girls all the way. That is all. :)

That is the truth 100%, girly. (:

Anonymous said: What's it like living in Pennsylvania ? Is it the type of country you see in country music videos?

Its all different in Pennsylvania. I mean, we have bigger cities such as Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia. But there are also a lot of little towns, woods, and fields. I live in a small town, with other towns around it. But we also have woods , and fields. Its nice because you have stores near you when you need it and you don’t have to drive too far out of your way. But you have open space to do whatever as well. (:

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